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Vacation Time And YOU BE THE REPORTER!

Hey guys were sorry to announce that we will be headed off for vacation today through July 13th (all workers are family). We are going to camps, so we do not have internet acess. So, we want YOU, yes YOU, to be the reporters for what will be happening! Leave your “posts” for what happens as comments and work together with the other mcpc fans to make a temporary 2 week news section! We want to see how well you guys can report the news and help the other penguins, and so we can see what news you guys enjoy so we can have better future MCPC posts!! JUST LEAVE THE COOL NEW NEWS POSTS THAT YOU WRITE AS COMMENTS FOR THE DAYS WE ARE ON VACATION!! THANKS, WE LOVE OUR FANS!

thanks again!

waddle on! MCPC


One Response

  1. Hey penguins, I have heard that Rockhopper should be here for the weekend! Also if you have not gotten into his special game room, you are able to find the key in the end of his journal int he book room!
    waddle on! – monkeyman3000

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