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New Game coming for CP!

They released a picture of a part of the new game! What do you think it looks like? Our guess is that is is the “strip” of music notes coming off an instrument like a guitar, since they noted that it was a music game! It could be like Gutiar Hero ™, or maybe you could pay more instruments and it could be like Rock Band ™! Any way that it is, a new game would be so fun! Here are my tips for being able try the game:

1. There will be lengthy lines, so play on a little used server, or even another country, such as Canada!

2. Make sure you read the directions, somethimes they will give extra money bonus tips!

3. Check our site! We will show you how to do it, and special money earning cheats!

Well, here is the picture they leaked to us! Post comments on what you believe the game will be like, the amount of money you hope to earn, and if there will be any cheats for it, like the candy version of the pizza game!

until later, waddle on!



One Response

  1. Hey you are checking out the comments! go you!

    i also noticed that it may be a record player.. one of the old fashioned types~

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