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Go To The Forum!

Unfortunatley, we cannot do our blog anymore (as you can see, its been a year…)

The good news it though, WE OPENED A FORUM!!!!(this time, its here to stay!)

Go to http://clubpenguincommunity@team-forum.net


Delay of new player card ):

They have improved the playercard even more! This will be great, but that caused its debut to be postponed due to newly found bugs! It shoud have its debut early next week!! This new update will allow you to sory the items by body part! I can’t wait to use it because.. MAN my stuff is hard to sort through!

Well, phew i think i have gotten all of the news that we missed while away!

until later, WAddle ON! IMAqueen

New Game coming for CP!

They released a picture of a part of the new game! What do you think it looks like? Our guess is that is is the “strip” of music notes coming off an instrument like a guitar, since they noted that it was a music game! It could be like Gutiar Hero ™, or maybe you could pay more instruments and it could be like Rock Band ™! Any way that it is, a new game would be so fun! Here are my tips for being able try the game:

1. There will be lengthy lines, so play on a little used server, or even another country, such as Canada!

2. Make sure you read the directions, somethimes they will give extra money bonus tips!

3. Check our site! We will show you how to do it, and special money earning cheats!

Well, here is the picture they leaked to us! Post comments on what you believe the game will be like, the amount of money you hope to earn, and if there will be any cheats for it, like the candy version of the pizza game!

until later, waddle on!


We’re back!

Hey guys we have just gotten back from our trip! Although we only had one person post the temporary news, we still have heard so much important news from friends! We’re back and ready to go~


Vacation Time And YOU BE THE REPORTER!

Hey guys were sorry to announce that we will be headed off for vacation today through July 13th (all workers are family). We are going to camps, so we do not have internet acess. So, we want YOU, yes YOU, to be the reporters for what will be happening! Leave your “posts” for what happens as comments and work together with the other mcpc fans to make a temporary 2 week news section! We want to see how well you guys can report the news and help the other penguins, and so we can see what news you guys enjoy so we can have better future MCPC posts!! JUST LEAVE THE COOL NEW NEWS POSTS THAT YOU WRITE AS COMMENTS FOR THE DAYS WE ARE ON VACATION!! THANKS, WE LOVE OUR FANS!

thanks again!

waddle on! MCPC

Mr Kebob’s clues 7

Dear fellow penguins,

We all know that secret agents aren’t a secret, but here is something that would make G ANGRY!!!

  So G would be angry, but that careless agent fixes his mistakes because if you click on the Spy Phone, the agent will come out of hiding and pick up the phone. He will leave after checking that nobody had watched him.

Here is another thing on the homepage that is kinda kewl:

 If you click on the starfish on the home page, it will turn into a shell. Click it again and it will turn into a sand castle.

Now for something annoying yet cool:

Step 1: Go to the chair at the bookroom (opposite the stairs).

Step 2: Click on the stairs (after you are standing on the chair).

Step 3: Click on the library and read the Rockhopper and the Stowaway book.

Step 4: Turn pages until you reach the page with the bracelet (do not really read it, only turn the pages fast).

Step 5: Click on the bracelet but do not click yes or no.

Result: If you did this fast enough and the server doesn’t fail, you will have a big bracelet on your screen until you log off (others cant’s see this).

 That picture is not edited. And by the way, do not play games with a giant bracelet because it might block your veiw.

Waddle on!

Mr Kebob

WATT of the day

Well, my puffles are always doing something fun.. so i am going to do a what are they thinking (aka WATT) everyday if I can! Remember to include a thought for each puffle!!

REMEMBER: please post a comment about the speech! At the end of each week we will choose our favorites! Just press the “comments” button at the bottom of the post!!

PS Somehow they always do the “perfect picture moment” near or ON my coat hanger.. whats with that??


Waddle On! Imaqueen