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Mr Kebob’s clues 7

Dear fellow penguins,

We all know that secret agents aren’t a secret, but here is something that would make G ANGRY!!!

  So G would be angry, but that careless agent fixes his mistakes because if you click on the Spy Phone, the agent will come out of hiding and pick up the phone. He will leave after checking that nobody had watched him.

Here is another thing on the homepage that is kinda kewl:

 If you click on the starfish on the home page, it will turn into a shell. Click it again and it will turn into a sand castle.

Now for something annoying yet cool:

Step 1: Go to the chair at the bookroom (opposite the stairs).

Step 2: Click on the stairs (after you are standing on the chair).

Step 3: Click on the library and read the Rockhopper and the Stowaway book.

Step 4: Turn pages until you reach the page with the bracelet (do not really read it, only turn the pages fast).

Step 5: Click on the bracelet but do not click yes or no.

Result: If you did this fast enough and the server doesn’t fail, you will have a big bracelet on your screen until you log off (others cant’s see this).

 That picture is not edited. And by the way, do not play games with a giant bracelet because it might block your veiw.

Waddle on!

Mr Kebob


Mr Kebob’s Clues 5th post EVER!

Hello fellow penguins! Today we have 2 cheats and something that is lame yet cool at the same time. We will start out with the 2 cheats so listen up and turn on your hearing aids!

Winter Sports Catalog Cheats!


Go to the surfboard page in the winter sport catalog. Click on the penguin holding the Flame Surfboard and he will hold the Daisy Surfboard. Now click on the shell on the sand and it will light up. Do the same with the starfish and the penguin will now hold the Silver Surfboard, which you can now buy and will earn you bonus points on Surfing.


Soccer Cleats

Click on the Soccer Ball and voila! Soccer Cleats!

  Wait- Why are there surfboards and soccer balls at a WINTER Sport Shop???

Well anyways, now for something totally lame! You can throw snowballs and they will stick to the sky!!! WOW!!! WHO KNEW??? Ok, that’s all for now!

Waddle On!

Mr Kebob

Mr Kebob’s clues 3! – Includes Cart Surfer cheats –

This post is our 3rd one, so yippee?

Well anyways, today we will give you tips to score high in Cart Surfer! Jumps and turns often score low but we have some tricks that’ll rock! (And just so you know, if you use these tricks twice in a row, it cuts the points you earn in half!) (And also so you know, you get ten percent of your score as money!)

– Porta Cart: Double click the down arrow to run with the cart. 80 points!

– Side slide: Click down once and then hold the side arrow to make your cart slide on its wheels sideways. You can use it on turns or straight track. My top score: 64 points!

– Amazing balance: double click the up arrow to do a handstand on your cart (how can penguins do that???). 80 points!

– 360: Click a side arrow and the space bar at the same time to spin your cart. 80 points!

– Penguins can’t fly: click the up arrow then the space bar to make your penguin try to fly. 50 points! 

– Cart backflip: click the down arrow so your cart is tipped back. Then click the space bar to do a backflip. 100 points!!!

This is hard to take a picture of! That is me doing a backflip. That is hard to take a picture of!

Mr. Kebobs Clues week 2 : IGLOO ISSUE

Review No. 2! Our second issue!

Ok we have a whole lot today about… drumroll please… IGLOOS! We will start out with something just O.K. so get ready!

Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo

You may not want this because it is almost the exact same as the Snow Igloo only it is barely bigger and darker and evil. But if you love it and think that it is bright and chipper and nice, that is kinda weird but OH WELL! Go to the Deluxe Snow Igloo and click on the door. Yippee! Yet another igloo that could be better!

That is a HIDEOS igloo!

Now for something to “Spice Up Your Igloo!” PLEASE USE THE GUIDE (see below) TO FIND CLAM, DRAGON, AND LAVALAMP!

   Aka furniture!

Here is some way cool, hip, trippin’, classic, eye popping, classy furniture to buy:

Inflatable dragonclamlava lamp

Our furniture today is ‘secondhand’, as we have seen it all before! But, secondhand or not, it is coolarooni, thriller, smashin’, hip ‘n’ happenin’, and just plain AWESOME!

Dragon Inflatable! Wait- that was hidden in last weeks catalog too! Click on the Surf Beach Towel (in the catalog, not the real thing).

Clam! Wait a minute- that was in last weeks catalog too! And it wasn’t even hidden last week! Click on the Seaweed.

Lava lamp! My favorite! Click on the Sunset Painting.

Waddle on!

Mr Kebob

Mr.Kebob’s Clues

Hola! This is the first edition of Mr. Kebob’s Clues, led by Mr Kebob. Here we have a cheat, a glitch, and a question every possible week. This week our cheat is…

The Phantom Of The Outfit!!!

It starts like this: Put on any wacky outfit you want (do NOT include the Tour Guide Hat in the outfit). Now open up your player card. Remove your entire outfit on the player card and then put on your Tour Guide Hat but do NOT close the player card!!! Now move your player card so you can see your penguin and wave. Your penguin will lift its arms even though it has no TOURS HERE sign. Instead, your penguin’s outfit will look like it walks away and touch the ground! Afterword though, your outfit will be sideways until you walk somewhere. Oh, and others can NOT see this!

Freezing Water Balloons

I found this out when I was bored in my igloo one day. During the water party, you can throw water balloons instead of snowballs. But if you throw them in your igloo, your penguin will pick up a water balloon and as soon as it leaves your penguins hand/flipper, it transforms into a snowball! Snowballs are always here! 


Question of the Day***               ?????????????????????????????

Who knows when the new look for the player card is released? I am so excited– I will finally be able to find my stuff!

**Answer as a comment!!**

Waddle On!  Mr.Kebob