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New play at the stage!

there is a new play at the stage called Squidzoid vs shadow guy and gamma girl! Inside is a fun “spiderman city” play set that you can make day or night using the board!

In the clothing catalogue, you can buy many fun items such as the girl and boy superhero outfit, which when you wear and dance, you hold up a ball of energy, the color matching your clothes!

Come and enjoy the stage for yourself! We are sure you are going to rate this play very highly, for its greatness!!

waddle on! imaqueen


Rockhopper has arrived and New Sports Catalogue!

Rockhopper is finally here! He claims that he loved the snowball maker and thanks G for making it!


He brought some favortie and new stuff to buy, and brought back the beloved parrot as the free item!

Like last time, for those who found the key, (READ HIS JOURNAL IN LIBRARY), the secret Captains Room is a huge hit!! The game is easy to master and earns a decent amount of coins!  MINI HINT!! In his room, you can move your mouse over the picture next to his bulletin board and it changes. Its not really a hint, but its cool!!


ON THE HOME SCREEN, you can click on the crows nest of the ship and out will pop YARR!!! So cool that they change the home for events!



In the Sports shop, they have changed their catalogue! Now you can get a football, basket ball/jersey, and soccer/cleats! You can get the soccer cleats by clicking on the ball!! Also you can juggle the soccer ball by dancing with only the cleats and soccer ball or just ball!! There is also a new multi – sports background that you can purchase!


VERY COOL STUFF! remember to comment on this weeks WATT!! 

Waddle On!


Mission and Rock Hopper!!

The mission number 8 is finally here!!! YES!!  We even have a walkthrough for the mission of the terrible tremors!  It seems like klutzy and herbert really were up to something! ***Possible Future Mission Helper*** When you get the gift, a cooler with a gear, it says it may help you gear up for a future mission.. will you need it on a future mission or is it just a cute play on words??


In other news, Rockhopper has been spotted and, as promised, is headed here soon for an end oft the week party! Check the telescope often for updates on his closeness!!


Remember how one of the original pictures of the cream soda from club penguin was from Rockhopper? Well it was spotted in the mission! Is this a connection to the mission or rockhopper…. or both, maybe a hint for a future mission??

until later – waddle on!! imaqueen

Check Out the New Pages!

Hey Penguins! We have recently added many new pages to help you! It took us alot of time (and typing) just so we could help our fans! We now have pages to help you be a great TOUR GUIDE, AGENT(MISSION GUIDES), and MINIGAME PLAYER; and be cool with some new CHEATS,HINTS,TIPS, AND GLITCHES! Woo – Hoo! Have fun and check out all of the new pages!

If you have some odd problem finding them here is a picture so you can try to umm spot it!!

waddle on! imaqueen

Igloo Contest!!

If you are a member,  or have a cool room, we want to see it!! Paste the url into a comment and we will pick a lucky winner who will get a party with any number of friends and the mcpc team in my igloo!! To take the picture, use a camera, or just use a screen shot by hitting ctrl and prints screen sys rq on the page you want! Then paste it into a document/ weblog and get its url!!!  Remember to include http:// and what not (:


Heres my fashionable igloo after it was redone by the whole mcpc team!


Until later….. Waddle On!


Penguins everywhere this morning awoke to a strange site only in the Town and in the buildings connecting to the Town! There appears to have been a semi – massive EARTHQUAKE reporters say that happened! I bet it HAS to do with how badly messed – up the evil duo Herbert and Klutzy are, and how much they hate Club Penguin! It may have to do with the mission coming out monday…




The pin has been located in the Pizza Parlor Oven! This time it is a sporty basketball pin!



Waddle On!! Imaqueen

Rockhopper and New Mission Coming out in the next few weeks!

Rockhopper has been reported by the Club Penguin News articles to be coming very soon! You cannot see him through binoclulars or the telescope, but he has “contacted” Club Penguin to tell them he is on his way! Some of Club Penguin has been prepared and they even “leaked” a picture, of of course… his Cream Soda! I can’t wait to see what he brings, and what he will do with the soda!  Is it just me, or does that purple penguin look terribly scared?? Maybe it has to do with the new mission!!

If the picture ties to Rockhopper, and the new mission, the next few weeks will definitly be a surprise! Club Penguin also stated that the new mission will be coming out VERY SOON!! Read todays earlier post by Cheebuddy to see more about the new mission!

Waddle On – Imaqueen