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Mini games and How To play

These are the main games in club penguin! **the rating of money is out of five penguins, 1 being low average (0 – 149 coins), 2 as medium low (150 – 299), 3 as medium (300 – 449), 4 as the medium high (450 – 599), 5 being the highest and best games for earning money (600 +).


Astro Barrier

Where to find it: It is one of the arcade machines in the lounge above the dance club.

How good for earning money?


Object of the game: Shoot all of the moving targets without using all bullets.

How to play: Use the left/right arrow keys to move your shooter ship at the bottom. Use the spacebar to shoot the missiles to hit targets, which will stop and become a “shield”, so it is good to hit the top and harder to reach targets first.


Ballistic Biscuit / Hydro Hopper

Where to find it: Play by clicking the boat at the dock.

How good for earning money?

Object of the game: To not fall off you tube by jumping over obstacles in the way.

How to play: Guide to the left or right the tube by moving your mouse. To gain the most money click and jump over the obstacles, except for the buoys, which will knock you off. By going over life rings you earn an additional life.


Bean Counters

Where to find it: In the coffee shop(Java Bags)

How good for earning money?

Object of the game: Bags of Java beans will be thrown out of the back of a van. You must catch them and stack them on a red platform.
How to play: Move your mouse right and left to move your penguin and catch the bags. Click the left mouse button when at the red platfrom to drop the bag off. You can hold more then one bag at a time but be careful because if you are holding 5 or more they will hurt you! Every bag you deposit adds points. Every bag you miss will subtract points. The more points you have in the end, the more coins you’ll get. If you see the face of a penguin in a star, catch it! It gives you an extra life! If you get hit by an anvil, flower pot or a fish or if you carry to many bags you will lose a life! There are five trucks if you empty all them before your lives run out you will get bonus points.

Cart Surfer
Where to find it: In the mine(underground)

How good for earning money?

Object of game: To do as many tricks as you can without falling before you get to the end of the tunnel.
How to play: To lean left hold the left arro key, to lean left hold the right arrow key(duh…). When you see a curve coming, lean into the turn or you’ll crash. The up and down arrow keys will control how you are riding the cart. Press the spacebar to jump. Combine keys to get more points and earn more points. Be carful though- you can not do tricks on turns or you will loose your balance and loose a life.




Find Four
Where to find it: In the main floor and attic of the ski lodge.

How good for earning money?

Object of the game: To stack four coins of the same color in a row. Either vertically, Horizontally or Diagonally
How to play: Click on the slot that you want to drop your coin in. The player to get four in a row first, wins!




Ice Fishing
Where to find it: In the Ski Lodge(the green door).

How good for earning money?

Object of the game: To catch as many fish as you can.
How to play: Move your mouse up & down to raise & lower your hook. When you see a fish dangle the hook in front of the fish; you will catch it. Bring it up above the ice and click the left button on your mouse to release it. If you loose a worm(lives) bring your hook back above the water and click to get a new worm. Barrels and boots can kick the fish that your trying to bring up if you are not careful. Jellyfish, Sharks and Crabs will cost you a worm if you are not aware of them. A can with a worm on it will give you an extra life. For every fish you catch you will recive 1 coin. At the end  the coins you had will be doubled to make the amount of coins you will recive. If you catch the big fish at the end you will recive your doubled coins+50 bonus coins. To catch the big fish (mullet) you have to dangle one of the smaller fish in front of him/her to convince him/her to get caught.




Ice Hockey
Where to find it: At the ice rink.

How good for earning money?


Object of the game: Get the puck into the net. The first player or team to score 10 goals wins
How to play: Move in the direction of the puck, you will hit it. You will start our slow then speed up. Unfortunately you do not earn coins in this game.




Where to find it: In the bookroom or in the HQ for secret agents.

How good for earning money?

Object of game: To get all the marbles on there side
How to play: Players alternate turns. When it is their turn they pick a grup of marbles. The marbles are dropped into each of  the holes, even their mancala. Not the opponents mancala though.
Free turns: If the last marble goes into their mancala they get another turn.
Captures: If the last marble is dropped into an empty hole all the marbles from the the opponents hole into that hole, including that marble.
How to win: The game is over when no more marbles on his/her side of the board. The winner is decided on how many marbles are found in their mancala.




Puffle Round-up
Where to find it: In the pet shop. Click on the door marked employees

How good for earning money?

Object of game: To catch the puffles before they run away.
How to play: Move your mouse around(herding) to herd as money puffles as you can into a brown pen. The round ends when all the puffles are either captured or have ran away. Your score will be based on the amount of puffles you catch in teh shortest amount of time.




Sled Racing
Where to find it: On top of ski village(the mountain)

How good for earning money?

Object of game: To get to the bottom of the hill first
How to play: To join a sled race, walk to the runs. Click yes on the screen that asks you if you want play. The race will begin when there are the right amount of players. Some runs need two players others need 3 & 4. Once the race has begun use the arrow keys to avoid obstacles along the way.




Jet Pack Adventure
Where to find it: On the upper level of the light house.
Object of the game: To complete the flight course and collect coins.

How good for earning money?

How to play: Use keyboard arrows to navigate with your jet pack. You can fly up, down and to the sides. To complete each level, pick up extra fuel balloons and extra jet packs. Explore spaces above and below to find coins. Obstacles are everywhere throughout the course. Avoid coffee bags, anvils, water and trees and any other objects. If you crash or you run out of fuel a parachute will guide you back to land. Each level increases difficulty. At the end of each level you can choose to continue flying or to finish the level. Extra fuel in your tank will give you more coins.




Where to find it: In the pizza parlor. Click on the bead curtains near the counter.

How good for earning money?

Object of game: Use the pizzatron5000 to create fantastic and tasty pizzas, penguin style! Earn coins according how many pizzas you make correctly. If on the main screen click the switch at the bottom to play with a candy – n – sugar version that earns more money!
How to play:
Drag and drop toppings that match the pizza shown on the order screen. Speed and accuracy is needed. You must make the pizza in the amount of time it takes the dough to move across your screen. Some pizzas need multiple toppings and others are simply sauce and cheese. Speeds vary according to how many pizza you get correct. If you fail to make a pizza correctly, you will be required to remake it. If you make more than 4 mistakes it’s game over.

Thin Ice
Where to find it: In the lounge above the night club. It is an arcade game (next to astro barrier)

How good for earning money?

Object of the game: To solve each maze and earn coins by melting ice tiles without getting trapped. There are 19 mazes. Extra coins are rewarded if you melt every single tile.
How to play: Use keyboard arrows. Certain tiles will help you complete each level. Some levels need a key. Just pick up the key and go through the now unlocked door. Look for movable tiles, they are darker. Also watch out for twice around tiles. These tiles have no effect but do not melt during the first time around. The first time they are turned into a regular tile so you need to go over them again. Some tiles are green these are called warp tiles. Earn extra points by melting more tiles on bonus levels.

Paint by Letter

Where to find it: In the book room, by clicking on the books.

How good for earning money?


Object of the game: To type every word and find the hidden coins.

How to play: Use your keyboard to type the words. You cannot move on to the next word until you type it. On every page you can pick up the hidden coins to earn bonus money (see my cheats page for locations). I recommend playing the BURNT OUT BULBS book because it earns you a whopping 800 coins every time you find every coin and complete book!!!






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