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WATT of the day

Well, my puffles are always doing something fun.. so i am going to do a what are they thinking (aka WATT) everyday if I can! Remember to include a thought for each puffle!!

REMEMBER: please post a comment about the speech! At the end of each week we will choose our favorites! Just press the “comments” button at the bottom of the post!!

PS Somehow they always do the “perfect picture moment” near or ON my coat hanger.. whats with that??


Waddle On! Imaqueen


Rockhopper has arrived and New Sports Catalogue!

Rockhopper is finally here! He claims that he loved the snowball maker and thanks G for making it!


He brought some favortie and new stuff to buy, and brought back the beloved parrot as the free item!

Like last time, for those who found the key, (READ HIS JOURNAL IN LIBRARY), the secret Captains Room is a huge hit!! The game is easy to master and earns a decent amount of coins!  MINI HINT!! In his room, you can move your mouse over the picture next to his bulletin board and it changes. Its not really a hint, but its cool!!


ON THE HOME SCREEN, you can click on the crows nest of the ship and out will pop YARR!!! So cool that they change the home for events!



In the Sports shop, they have changed their catalogue! Now you can get a football, basket ball/jersey, and soccer/cleats! You can get the soccer cleats by clicking on the ball!! Also you can juggle the soccer ball by dancing with only the cleats and soccer ball or just ball!! There is also a new multi – sports background that you can purchase!


VERY COOL STUFF! remember to comment on this weeks WATT!! 

Waddle On!


Mr Kebob’s Clues 5th post EVER!

Hello fellow penguins! Today we have 2 cheats and something that is lame yet cool at the same time. We will start out with the 2 cheats so listen up and turn on your hearing aids!

Winter Sports Catalog Cheats!


Go to the surfboard page in the winter sport catalog. Click on the penguin holding the Flame Surfboard and he will hold the Daisy Surfboard. Now click on the shell on the sand and it will light up. Do the same with the starfish and the penguin will now hold the Silver Surfboard, which you can now buy and will earn you bonus points on Surfing.


Soccer Cleats

Click on the Soccer Ball and voila! Soccer Cleats!

  Wait- Why are there surfboards and soccer balls at a WINTER Sport Shop???

Well anyways, now for something totally lame! You can throw snowballs and they will stick to the sky!!! WOW!!! WHO KNEW??? Ok, that’s all for now!

Waddle On!

Mr Kebob

What Are They Thinking 2

Hey guys get ready for the second WATT!! Put speech for each puffle into a comment! We may post the best ones!!

Waddle on!! MCPC

Rockhopper arrives TOMORROW!

Yay! Rockhopper is due to come into port TOMORROW! I hope you have your keys ready since you will be able to enter his secret room! I can’t wait to see what cool items he brings! Also, remeber to eneter the “new” room, or the upstairs crows nest on the ship and look at the snow-shooter that was mentioned and may have importance, according to the paper!

Have fun with Rockhopper!!

Waddle On! Imaqueen

Upcoming events and SUPER IMPORTANT NOTICE

The newspaper came out today, along with the list of events!!

On the 27th

     We have a new sports catalogue AND Rockhopper is coming!

On the 1st

     We have Fireworks displays viewable at the Ski Mountain
AND Iceberg

On the 4th

     Well… it’s the Forth of July! AND there is a new clothes catalogue AND wig catalogue AND new pin hidden!



Wow there are so many new aand cool stuff coming out this week! AND of course, all of My Club Penguin Club is taking a well earned vacation! We are sorry to announce that from the 29th to the 12th we are going to be away! Make sure you all take pictures and stuff and as soon as we are back we would love to hear what happened!! We just wanted to let you know so you wouldn’t think we are bad – WE WANT YOU TO COME BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN!! this site is for you so make sure you check back on the 13th IF YOU ARE READING THIS AFTER THE 29th!


Waddle on! MCPC

P.S. Stay busy!!


New Mission is MAGNIFICENT!!

Hey penguins!!  As you know, the new mission was released yesterday!! I for one loved it. I did it on Tuesday ASAP. Now I’m going to rate it! Please leave a comment about how you would rate it!


(1 being super easy, 5 being really hard)

Cheebuddy says… 

How much fun…

(1 being boring, 5 being awesome!)

Cheebuddy says…


Overall Score

Cheebuddy says…


I loved this mission and I can’t wait for the next one!!

Please leave a post on how you would rate it!! (MCPC staff can rate it, too!)