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Tour Guides

How do you become a tour guide? What is a tour guide? Do you get anything special?  Heres where we will answer all of your Tour Guide Questions!!

1. How To Become A Tour Guide

   a. Go to the Ski Village and click on the tour guide booth.

   b. Take the easy test (here are the answers)

Quiz answers

Which color of puffle can catch fire?

In what room can you find old copies of the Penguin times?
boiler room

Which of these rooms doesn’t have music playing in the back round?
pet shop

How does the pink puffle play?                                                                                                                    Skips with a skipping rope

What item is always hidden in different place in the clothing catalog every month?
the Viking helmet

How many sled racing tracks are there?

Which room has a cuckoo clock?
ski lodge

How do you get a pin?
walk on top of it

Which of these rooms does NOT have a game in it?

What is the name of captain rockhoppers ship?
The Migrator

What item is thrown out of the truck in the level 4 of bean counters?
A flower pot

What day does the newspaper come out?

What is the name of the big fish in ice fishing?

Which of these games has a shark in it?
Jetpack adventure

How many coins does it cost to buy a player card background?

    C. yay now your a tour guide!!


I will admit I am not a very “good” or “active” tour guide, though i like to help new penguins, and so to help our readers the most I have the best source for how to be a tour guide..drumroll.. Club Penguin and its handbook for the Tour Guides themselves!!

Remember don’t use your map or you will lose them!!  Also Add in your own insight and personal connections to the rooms so the people will ge tthe most out of your tour. For a pre- made history bubble for each room, choose “give a tour” under the different pre-made speech area. While giving your tour, stay in your “garb”, or hat, or you will lose your penguins.

Finally, don’t be mean to your penguins, especially the new ones. Purposely LOSING, DITCHING, LYING, CONFUSING, and other rude things should not be invited on your tour. You want the penguins, new and old, to enjoy the tour and not think one penguins disrespectful actions are what all of club penguin and their morals are. BE NICE!! IT can really make someones day!!

Waddle On!! MCPC


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